Working With Design Templates in Photoshop
Jed Taufer, WHCC Templates Expert/Manager
Understanding templates and how they work to create beautifully designed products or your clients is the goal of this program. Follow along as Jed illustrates how to turn your images into a finely-designed piece quickly and easily. Find out why photographers are utilizing these easy-to-use template more and more in their work.
WHCC Templates Expert/Manager
In 1998, Jed Taufer started V Gallery - the art of photography with his wife, Vicki, in the cramped basement of their house in Morton, Il at the age of 23. With a focus on artistic portraiture, the business evolved into a 4,000 square foot storefront studio with 8 employees in just 3 years. The Taufers worked as a team for more than 10 years. Vicki focused on photography and marketing, while Jed was in charge of all the technological needs of the studio as well as educating and assisting other photographers around the world. In 2008, after several years of traveling and speaking at various conventions and workshops, Jed received his Certification from the Professional Photographers of America. He was hired by White House Custom Colour in 2009 and develops the popular series of templates as well as floors and backdrops for photographers. Jed currently splits his time between Morton, Illinois and Minneapolis, MN.

What Is A Template?
Editable features
Understanding layer effects
Bringing in Your Images
Creating a clipping mask
Transforming the image
Editing Sizes and Adding Text
Blank Canvas vs. Template
Adjusting Background Opacity
Layer Effects to Provide Depth
Color overlay
Selecting specific colors in your design
Layer positioning
Customizing a Style
Allows quick changes
Test, backgrounds, borders
Boutique Cards
Includes instruction layer
Shortcut command for clippiong masks
Eassy change of text
Changing colords with layer effects
Mixing and Matching Templates
Create new templates from originals
Adding layer effects
Adjusting background colors
Working with Image Blocks
The base image
Identifying sides of the image
Customizing the background
New group from layers
Copy a layer to enahnce effect