Color Management
Brenda Hipsher, Color Management
At WHCC we value "the perfect color match" and know the importance of your finished prints meeting your expectations. During this program with Brenda you will learn how to optimize your color by profiling your monitor to match your image files in order to insure a color managed workflow.
Color Management
Brenda K. Hipsher has enjoyed the photo industry for her entire career. From her early days in the lab business to 18 years in sales and now having moved on to marketing and education, she has seen many changes in the industry.

Her love of color management comes from those early days in labs making certain that every part of the workflow is controlled and predictable. She is an X-Rite specialist and now conducts webinars and participates in initiatives to bring education to photographers on this important topic. To that end she administers the popular X-Rite Photo blog, is responsible for X-Rite social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and maintains the Coloratti program. She has worked with MAC Group for over 20 years.

Color Management to Maintain Consistency
Easy to Understand
Control Color Gamut
Easy to Use
What does it Do?
Predictable Results
Consistent Results
Each Device Requires a Profile
Standards Established by ICC
Software and Hardware Solutions
Adobe RGB
Monitor Profile
Printer Profile
Objective is to Calibrate For Accuracy
Multiple Monitors Must Match
Monitor Must Match Your Lab
Limitations of Your Eyes
Retinal Fatigue
Background Effects
Poor Color Memory
Color Blindness
Lighiting Conditions
ColorMunki in Use
i1Display Pro
More Advanced
More Devices/Technology