Little Time, Big Impact
Dan Frievalt, Creative Photographer
Join Dan as he discusses how to find the ideal client, how to stand out from the crowd, and most importantly, how to create buzz about you and your studio. Recently "starting over", Dan has placed himself adjacent to his local high school and is doing some of the most creative work with seniors in the country. Find out how and why it's all working for him.
Creative Photographer
Dan Frievalt is a photographer that enjoys blending creative light with graphic design to create artistic images that evoke drama and tell a story. Formal education for Dan includes an associate's degree in Marketing Communications and has worked as a graphic artist for twelve years before changing his career path to photography in 2005. "I always enjoyed photography but ever since digital capture I have found a new voice in creating images by combining my design background with my eye for photography."

High School
MIddle School
Dance School
Starting Over
No studio
No samples
No clients
Little equipment
Find Your Ideal Client
Find out where they shop
Find out where they frequent
What activities are the involved in
Studio Image
New Logo
New Brand
Studio space to match your style
Create Instant Buzz
Social media
Sneak Peeks
Creating EPIC images
Social Buzz
Sneak Peeks on FB
BTS shots on FB and Instagram
iPhone video/Instagram video
You are a star
WOW images
Distinct products
Distinct Touches