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Gary Hughes, Photographer, Instructor
Gary has traveled the country teaching photographer how to effectively optimize their online presence and now brings this expertise to WHCC. Follow as Gary shows step by step how to best work with keywords, tagging and more all designed to move your site further and further up to the top of the search engines results. This will be filled with helpful hints. He'll also teach how to build links from high traffic sources to keep your work in high visibility.
Photographer, Instructor
Shortly after college and holding every job from janitor and construction worker to musician, Gary eventually made his way back to the world of professional photography, the career of both his parents. Since completing several years of internship with other studios, Gary founded Hughes Fioretti Photography with his wife and partner Julie Fioretti. Since beginning his career as a photographic artist, Gary has won local and national awards including first place for wedding albums, first place for portrait and multiple entries in to the PPA Loan collection. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 Gary was recognized as one of the top 10 photographers in central Florida and in 2012 was awarded the degree of Master Photographer by the PPA and won the distinction of Master Photographer of the Year from PPSCF. In 2013 Gary received his Photographic Craftsman degree from the PPA. More recently his work has been featured in the April issue of Professional Photographer magazine and he has been invited as a platform speaker at Imaging USA in Phoenix in 2014.

Starting Out With SEO
Step #1 Decide on Keywords
Step #2 Optimize Website for these Keywords
Build Links from High Traffic Sources
Long Tail SEO
Deciding on Keywords
Google Keyword Tool
Bing Keyword Tool
Low Hanging Fruit
SEP Begins with These Elements
SEO Do's and Don'ts
SEO is about Text
Avoid Flash Only
Optimize each Page
Low Hanging Fruit
What is a Relevant Link
A Link:
A Relevant Link: Orlando Wedding Photography
Must Match Title Keywords, Desc. and Content
Link Assistant and SEO Moz
Long Tail SEO
Small Searches All Add Up
Putting it to Use
Optimize Each Page of Site Differently
Use Blog to Pick up Keywords
Wordpress (SEO byYeost