Wedding Photography with Anthony Vazquez
Anthony Vazquez, NYC Wedding Photographer
Learning to "Push The Limits" in wedding photography is all about making every picture the best you can. Anthony has long been known to get the most out of every situation he is faced with on the wedding day. He will often gain the cooperation from his brides and grooms for an idea that "makes" the wedding. Hear our Anthonys advice to Push the Limits can help propel you to the top of your field.
NYC Wedding Photographer
Anthony's passion in the wedding photography business began over 15 years ago. His experience at the ripe old age of 15 was set in motion as he worked for a local wedding photographer. Vazquez proclaims "I knew this was my calling as it was all I could think about." Anthony's work has been featured in such magazines as People, Grace Ormonde, The Knot and US Weekly to name a few. His editorial "fashion-infused" looks are considered a step ahead.

Look For Inspiration
How to Find It
Where to Look for It
Looking Outside of Photography
Employ Your Discoveries/Shooting for You
How to Put it to Work
Visualize the Shoot
Have a Full Vision
Try New Techniques
Capitalize on Your Work
Finish Your Work
Be as Creative as Possible
Seperate from the Competition
Do your Homework
Design the Shoot
The Finished Product
An Album with Impact
Always Retouch and Enhance
Display the Work
Have Fun
Tell a Story
Make the Work Flow
Sell your Work as Art
Never Settle