Stylized Family Portraits
Kia Bondurant, Stylized Portrait Photographer
Tune in as we discuss today's new, more stylized portrait photography with one of the country's leading experts on the subject. Kia has a talent for things that are colorful, vibrant, new and fresh and it shows in her work. She has taught on this topic numerous times nationally and will illustrate a variety of possibilities to change how you see portraiture.
Stylized Portrait Photographer
Kia is a portrait photographer who loves vibrant colors, vintage textures, emotional black and whites and make believe. It is her goal to be a personal resource for creative ideas for planning, displaying and preserving memories. After college she loved working in all aspects of her family's studio photography business. Over time she got more and more involved in creating portraits and is excited and energized by today's new styles, trends and new ways of using ans showing portraits.

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Vibrant, Authentic, Inspirational
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Fashion, fairy tale, edgy
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