Dancing By Myself
Carl Caylor, Professional Photographer
Working as a professional photographer, while an exciting career choice, has never been an easy way to make a living. It is made even more difficult when you choose to work alone in your business. In this program, recognized photographer Carl Caylor examines the things he has done in his business that has enabled him to be truly efficient in how he works alone. Watch as Carl takes us along on location shoots to see first-hand how he uses his clients as assistants, maximizes his efficiency in front of the computer and generally has operated successfully as a one-man show.
Professional Photographer
Carl is an artist who prefers to use photography as the medium for his work. His philosophy is that photography is an art and family history. Without artistic value, a portrait has no longevity. Therefore, it will not be part of family history. He has been involved in photography for more that 20 years. Carl started his photographic career in the darkroom as a custom printer/technician. This has proven to be a great asset to his photography and teaching career. He has gained national credibility and is now a favorite instructor teaching techniques nationally. His work has been featured in magazines, Kodak ads many books and he has taught all over the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Korea, and parts of Europe.

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How Do I Photograph Alone
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Butt Time/Computer Workflow that Works for You
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The Un-Answered Phone
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