Respect The Typeface
Jeff and Allison Rogers, Photographers/Creative Designers
With a background in creativity and styling, Jeff and Allison Rogers share techniques and tips on how to effectively use text in your work. Properly placed fonts can help to relate your message in a concise yet creative manner. This will be one of the more unique and presentations and
Jeff and Allison
Photographers/Creative Designers
When Jeff and Allison opened their photography studio in 2004 , they had no idea how their business would explode in a few short years. After leaving the Memphis advertising world as award-winning art directors, Allison and Jeff used their BFA's in Graphic Design and Photography to create Allison Rodgers Photography. Allison, being a mother of two girls and wife to Jeff, owning her own studio and helping Jeff launch his new agency, is busy. Very busy. Jeff has recently started a new agency, Kitbash: Brand Design, a creative agency. Their studio is one of the premier studios in the country.

Typeface vs. Font
Typeface-a family of fonts
Font-one style within a typeface family
Serif and Sans Serif
Correctly done can be beautiful
Usual Mistakes
Incorrect scaling
Using too many typefaces
Drop shadows
Wrong mixtures of typefaces
Text too big or too small
Colored backgrounds/Busy backgrounds
Mis-use of justification
The Madness of Three Dashes
Not All Fonts Are The Same
Discussion Points
Point size
Vertical and horizontal scale
Baseline shift
Live Demo