Creativity and Business in Photography
Heidi Hope, Photographer
Heidi Hope has established her busy Rhode Island studio with great creative imagery of her newborn clients, children and families. In addition, she has established one of the strongest and most successful businesses in the country. Learn the details of balancing your creative work life and your business work life. She'll also talk about balancing home and family life. Heidi makes a strong case for putting as much effort into running your business as in creating your portraits.
Heidi Guerard (aka Heidi Hope) is internationally recognized for her colorful, soft and whimsical portrait photography. Heidie's creative style of studio photography combined with her business and social media savvy helped the Heidi Hope Studio quickly grow to become one of the country's most successful. Often referred to as a "baby whisperer", Heidi's most celebrated work is creating artistic portraits of babies from their first days of life through their first days of school. A former high school photography and art teacher, Heidi has maintained her passion for mentoring through online workshops and public speaking. Heidi has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education and currently teaches photography workshops out of her busy Rhode Island Studio.

Creative Insanity
Creative drive
How to Break the Cycle
Understand your creative process
Use your creative voice to drive decisions
Work with your stengths, not against
Create boundaries
Give time to business and creativity equally
Pay yourself first
Honor personal time
Modes of Thinking
Right side
Left side
Balance The Two
Profitable business
Happy life
Develop a Smart Business
Define your dream job
Your Price isn't right if...
Simple pricing
Pay yourself
The Value of You
Set realistic expectations
Setting hours and policies
Honor your time
Outward inspiration
Inward inspiration
Marketing YOU
Shooting for Yourself
The Best of Both Worlds