Finding (Not Forcing) Your Unique Photographic Style
Brittney Kluse, Photographer
This webinar is designed to help photographers in their quest to discover their style and unique niche in an increasingly saturated market. The benefits of having a well-cultivated and sought-after style can not only be financially rewarding, but also of great significance by setting the stage for building a cohesive and professional brand. Brittney will take you through the ups and downs of figuring out "who you are."
Brittney Kluse is a lifestyle photographer based in the sunny, eastern corner of Washington state. Best known for her bright, bold, and colorful imagery in the photography industry, to her family and friends, Brittney is best known for her inability to do laundry and dishes. In addition to being a natural light photographer, Brittney is a full-time mess-picker-upper for her two young children and husband. Launching her business in 2008, Brittney has evolved her vibrant and loud style to match her equally as loud voice. Her college background in business, marketing and branding mixed with her thriving photography brand has helped shape her into a sought after mentor for photographers around the globe. Brittney is fluent in both English and sarcasm.

Finding Your Natural Style, Not Forced
A Brief History of Brittney
Loud voice
Style mataches personality
The Quest to Find YOUR Voice
Related to senses
Why Develop A Stule
Path or direction
Underlying trademark
Consistency in photography and post-processing
Defines your artistic niche
More easily recognized
Repition builds brand awareness
Becoming Known for Something
Adds value to your market
Themed photo shoots
How is Your Styled Defined
What Comes Next?
Stop Looking At Everyone Else