Location Lighting Controls
Tony L Corbell, WHCC Director of Education/Photographer
Follow along as Tony defines some of the most important techniques needed to produce great location photographs. From understanding the relationship between flash and ambient readings on your meter, to understanding the numerous ways in which you can control the sun. Adding light, subtracting, reflecting will all be discuss and illustrated. Tony will be live answering your questions as well.
Tony L
WHCC Director of Education/Photographer
For more than 25 years Tony has been involved in teaching photographer about light control. Having photographed and lectures in more than 30 countries, more than 600 workshops or seminars does tend to give you a lot of insight into the tools photographers need most. Tony always works hard to help photographer understand a technique, not copy a style. He'll usually not only show how to do something, but more importantly, why.

Tools of the Craft
Subtractors of Light
Reflector Styles
Standard "pop-ups"
Foam Core
Shiny Aluminum
Use of Refelctors
Use of Diffusers
Use of Subtractors
Use of Flash
Background control with shutter speeds
Smoothing skin
Adding flash through windows
Ambient Light Controls
Placement of light
Placement of subject
Size relative to distance
Camera position
Controlling direction of light
Diffused LIght Controls
Size of light spurce
Fabric densities
Control Control Control