Inspire Yourself! A Guide to Feeling Full
Brooke Shaden, Fine Art Photographer
"For my presentation, I would like to talk about inspiration as a whole and introduce methods of finding inspiration that anyone can do, anytime. The idea that inspiration should be searched for and created, rather than waited for, will be at the forefront of the discussion and I will tell of my own successes and defeats in regard to both finding inspiration, and waiting for it to arrive. I will go deeper into inspiration, breaking down my personal process of building an image from start to finish in order to show how finding inspiration can carry an image from beginning to end. "
Fine Art Photographer
Brooke Shaden was born in March of 1987 in Lancaster, PA, USA. She grew up near the "Amish Country" until attending Temple University. Brooke was photographically born in December 2008 after graduating from Temple with bachelor degrees in film and English. She now resides in Arizona, USA with her husband and two cats. She began creating self-portraits for ease and to have full control over the images, and has since grown into a self-portrait artist. Self portraiture for her is not autobiographical in nature. Instead, she attempts to place herself within worlds she wishes we could live in, where secrets float out in the open, where the impossible becomes possible.

Are You An Artist?
Does not necessarily make money from art
Does not necessarily have an art background
Does not necessarily always feel inspired
An Artist
Is a problem solver
Is a creative thinker
Is confident enough to call themselves an artist
My Biggest Fear
Creating for others, not myself
Comparison to others
What Do You Fear?
Write down your biggest fear
Be open and honest about what holds you back
No single journey works for everyone
Most successful people carve their own path
The more you follow your path, the more others will follow yours
I Don't Want to Let Myself Down
The best way is to not try
You don't owe anything to anyone
People who love you will support you
Do not dwell on opinions of others
Biggest let down is to not try
I Can't Make Enough Money
Anything can be made into money
Figure out how your passion is a service
It might not come immediately
Save money
Stay Motivated
What motivates you?
New way of thinking
Same stress as a normal job
Is money a primary consideration?
Passion Has Become a Chore
You will not want to live without your passion
If you lose it, move on
Who Are You?
What defines you
Define ypurself
What Will Your Legacy Be?