Work Inspired to Create Your Style
Shannon Sewell, Photographer
Finding a creative niche is not always easy. Listen in as Shannon Sewell defines how she has become one of the countries leading photographers working with children in a whimsical, fun and almost commercial manner. Her "dress up" images both on location and in the studio are beautiful. Shannon reveals how to make the transition, how to define your style, and still have a family life.
"Hi. I'm Shannon. I believe the most important thing we can do is love & be kind. I found my perfect muse for this (& all I do) in my children. I have made a career taking pictures of them (& playing dress up). When they let me, I dress up other people's kids and take pictures of them, too. I've got a hippy soul with a touch of OCD. I believe that animals are friends, not food & that the world is a better place when seen through the eyes of a child. I invite you into my world.. a bit of whimsy & a lot of imagination."

Why Are We Here?
Starting the business
Burn out finally hit
Shooting editorial style for children fashion
The Beginning
The Transition
Find a path through play
Turn play right back into work
Inspiration and Vision
What is it?
Why do you need it?
Where do you find it?
How to Make it Work
Organize your thoughts
Defining Your Style
Play up your strengths
Overcome your strengths
Seek out work that best displays what you do
Time To Work
Turn inspiration into reality
Create a portfolio indicative of your work
Shoot like you have the job
Marketing your style
Concept Boards
Selling the ideas to a new client
Ensuring Clients are on the same page
Sharing ideas with Collaborators