The Business and Art of Pet Photography
Kim Hartz, Pet Portrait Photographer
Have you ever considered that pet photography might be a profitable and viable option for work in your business? Houston's Kim Hartz has become quite well-known for her incredible work with pets of all types. In this show we'll go into great detail on style, branding, even how to market to this lucrative market, the pet owner. Working with dogs and pets requires safety as well as tricks for expressions, dealing with difficult animals, and Kim will cover each of these areas in detail. See Kim great work in the studio as well as on-location.
Pet Portrait Photographer
Kim Hartz has always been an animal and photography lover. Over the years she has honed her art, specializing in pet and newborn photography, gaining recognition within the photography industry, earning the distinction of Certified Professional Photographer, and producing award-winning images. Most recently, Kim earned the distinction of 2013 Bronze Medal Award Winner from Professional Photographers of America for her excellence in print competition.

The images Kim takes for her clients capture the unique essence of each subject, producing a true work of art that is both timeless and precious. Kim has taught several pet photography workshops with the Paw Print Divas, and she is dedicated and experienced instructing students on the creative process and building a successful photography business.

Why Pets ?
68% of all U.S. households own a pet
2013 reports show pet expenditures are $55.53billion
Dogs most popular followed by cats
Develop Your Style
Most important aspect
It's what differentiates you and your work
The Importance of Branding
Defines what people think
Building a brand takes time, money, intelligence
A memorable, meangingful brand is authentic
Not just a logo
Design elements
Relationship building
External connections
Marketing 101
Consistent message
Consistency is key in studio, website, marketing
People should be able to recognize your style
Who Do I Market To ?
Define your market
Where do they take their pets
Where do they live
What do they like to do
Safety Working With Dogs
On-leash on all outdoor sessions without fenced yard
Understanding body language
Important to look for keys when dog is uneasy
Dealing with Dogs
Challenge Dogs
Attention to detail
Working with multiple dogs
Flash outdoors off camera
Minus one-stop in exposure
Shooting for Success
Customer service
The experience
The Planning Session
The Photo Session
Expression Sells
Elements of an image
Success for sales
Selling your work