Creating Workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop
Kevin Kubota, Photographic and Imaging Leader
Follow along with one of the true industry leaders as Kevin teaches solid, applicable information designed to help organize, import, develop quick edits and enhancements and much more. Kevin has long been considered one of the best at teaching clever methods for increasing your efficiency in post-production processes in digital photography.
Photographic and Imaging Leader
Kevin Kubota opened Kubota Photo Design Inc. in 1990 as a wedding and portrait studio. Kubota Photo Design is now the umbrella company for Kubota Image Tools, Asuka Book USA and Red Boot Design. His published works include the award-winning Lighting Notebook and The Digital Photography Bootcamp. Kevin's software product portfolio includes image-enhancing tools for Lightroom and Photoshop. His innovative DASHBOARD has become the de facto standard for serious photographers worldwide. He has been featured in American Photo Magazine as one of the "Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World."

Client Folders
Client Catalog
Ease of Archiving
Using Presets on Import
Add Copyright/Meta Data
Quick Editing
Backing Up Your Files
Importance of Shortcuts
Select Keepers and Losers
Enhancing in LR
Global Presets already applied
Base Adjustments
Kubota Custom Presets
Adjustment Brush Effects
Integrating with PS
Opening from LR to PS
Skin Softening in Action Dashboard
Vignette Options
Save Back to LR and Stack
Export and Print
Soft Proofing / Paper Profiles
Proof Copy to Adjust to Profile
Print Export to Print Ready File
Set Color Space Adobe RGB
Sharpen Low
Save as WHCC Print Ready