The Art and Emotion in Newborn Portraiture
Julia Kelleher, Newborn Photography Expert
In this information packed show you'll learn how to capture emotion, handle newborn babies in the studio and how to sell emotion. Watch as Julia teaches techniques for talking with parents and see how great emotional attachment results in great customer service. Find out techniques of lighting and posing, even soothing these little clients.
Newborn Photography Expert
Portrait Photographer, Julia Kelleher, M. Photog. Cr., CPP, specializes in newborn and family portraits out of her boutique Bend OR, studio. She offers her clients a photographic style that is timeless, textural and artistic, and specializes in newborn and family portraiture, specifically focusing on relationship images. Julia has earned a PPA International Silver Medalist, Gold Level Photographer of the Year and several Kodak Gallery and PPA Loan Collection awards for her images. She is also a PPA Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman.

How to Capture Emotion
LIghting Techniques for Artistic Design
Soft Lighting
Low Contrast
Shallow Depth of Field
Color Theory
How to Handle Babies-Asleep or Awake
The Startle Effect
The Five S's
Wrapping and Soothing Techniques
The Art of Swaddling
Composition and Why it Defines the Art
Talking A Parent Through the Process
Selling Your IMages Profitably
Creating an Emotional Sale In-Person
Great Customer Service for Emotional Attachment