The Personality Portrait Series
Larry Lourcey, Storytelling in Portraiture
Finding unique ways to market your photography to clients and potential clients usually requires something new and unique. Set yourself apart my learning how Larry produces, sells and shoots the product known in his studio as The Personality Series. This unique 5" x 30" piece has become a differentiator in his work. Watch as Larry discusses and illustrates how he creates and sells this clever product.
Storytelling in Portraiture
Storytelling has always been the hallmark of Lourcey Photography. From the fun personality series to the beautiful painted portrait, our images stand apart. Countless art classes and photography workshops have helped to mold his style and technique. In 2001, Larry earned his Certified Professional Photographer designation from the Professional Photographers of America. His work has earned him numerous awards, including Professional Photographers of America Photographer of the Year, SWPPA Best Portrait and over a dozen images in the prestigious PPA Loan Collection. Larry's unique combination of humor and education has made him a popular speaker at conventions across the country.

What is a Personality Portrait
8 images on a 5 x 30 print
2mm Styrene
BW or Color
Why Offer the Personality Portrait
Easy to Produce
Inexpensive/High Profit Margin
Perfect for Hard to Pose Kids
Competitors Don't Offer
Custom Framing
Marketing the Personality Portrait
Create a Phrase or Description
"Many Faces of Your Child"
Only One Child per Series
No Siblings
Great to Donate for Auctions/High Value
Baby Parts
Wedding Elements
Creating the Images
Simple Session
Main Light Feathered
Kicker Light
Bounced Hair/Separation Light
Consistent Exposures
Variety of Expressions
Common Pifalls
Kids Moving too Much
Not Enough Variety
Shy vs. Outgoing Kids
Create Cheat Sheet to Elicit Expressions