Branding for Photographers-What, Why, How
Becker, Wedding Photography Specialist
This program will take a look at how your image is equally important to your images. According to Becker, the importance of establishing your personal and company brand cannot be overstated. We'll discuss how your brand is a person's perception of a product, service experience or organization. This is a must-see program for all photographers struggling to find their own voice.
Wedding Photography Specialist
Becker, who just goes by one name a la Bono, Sting, Madonna (not Cher) is a wedding photographer from Southern California who specializes in capturing relaxed portraits, amazing details and real moments for the coolest couples on the planet. His gift for making people feel comfortable in front of his lens and his ability to make all of his subjects look their absolute best is why he is one of the most sought after photographers in the world. In addition to being an internationally acclaimed photographer, Becker also has a passion for teaching other photographers to build and run successful businesses through The [ b ] School, a social network for photographers that he founded in 2007.

A Perception of a Product, Service, or Experience
Personal Branding
What You Stand For?
Not What You Say it is but What the Market Says it is
Creating a Unique Name and Image in the Consumers MInd
Branding is about Feelings
Emotion is Greater Than Logic
Is It Just Me?
Standing Out From Others
The Importance of a Solid Brand
Branding can Make the Difference
What is Perceived Value?
Creating the 2-Second First Impression
A Brand Makes a Promise
Make a Name and Stand Out from the Crowd
Figure out What Makes You Special
Figure Out How to Communicate that to your Prospects
What Products and Services do you Offer?
What are your Core Values?
Know Your Target Market
What is Your Tagline?
Invest in your Points of Contact
Seek Professional Help